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Harvard Business School case study identifies Evo’s prescriptive AI as critical driver of inventory efficiency

Case Study with PittaRosso reveals +14.3% sell-through and a +€4.2 million margin growth opportunity created by Evo tools and recommendations

Turin, March 16, 2022

Harvard Business School professor Dr. Ayelet Israeli has recently published a case study on how PittaRosso increased sell-through +14.3% while revealing a +€4.2 million margin growth opportunity using Evo tools and recommendations. These results definitively identified Evo’s prescriptive self-learning system as a critical driver of higher inventory efficiency and sell-through.

How was this accomplished? Evo’s tools can be easily adjusted to unique business objectives of the company and then find the most efficient strategy to achieve those goals. Even when PittaRosso faced unexpected business challenges, the nature of the impact-first Evo software helped the PittaRosso team overcome them. “Thanks to the system itself, [PittaRosso] was able to change course and lead to the desired outcomes”, said Dr. Israeli.

For the case study, Israeli followed PittaRosso from its initial implementation through its first year working with Evo. While the impact of the Evo partnership grew over time, the PittaRosso team was most impressed by the speed with which they were able to achieve results. The entire end-of-season sell-through rate for the previous year had been exceeded in the first four weeks of use.

“The immediate impact on sell-through was what excited our team the most. It was clear to everyone that Evo’s tool could finally solve some of the inventory management issues we had long struggled with”, said Marcello Pace, CEO of PittaRosso.

Another key finding of the case study: results scaled over time. “The system continues to learn, so the longer you use it, the greater the impact. This increases exponentially the more processes and tools work in synergy. While PittaRosso started with one tool, they could achieve even greater results by combining multiple applications to implement a unified strategy across the entire supply chain”, said Fabrizio Fantini, CEO of Evo.

PittaRosso is an excellent example of the type of results achievable through Evo tools, but they are not the only company to demonstrate such an impact. Sunil Gupta, another Harvard Business School professor, had previously published his own case study on how Miroglio Fashion increased revenue +16% by using Evo supply chain solutions.

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Source: GLSummit Blog

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