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Evo Welcomes New Chief Operations Officer, Marco Lombardi

LONDON, United Kingdom; March 22, 2021— Evo Pricing, an AI company with headquarters in London and Turin, Italy, is proud to announce that Marco Lombardi will be joining the team as the new Chief Operations Officer (COO).

As COO, Lombardi will lead all aspects of operations, especially finance, administration, and people operations. Lombardi’s particular focus will be handling investor relations and ensuring proper governance across all Evo functions. Lombardi’s previous CFO and extensive boardroom experience make him highly qualified to take on this role as Evo weighs potential investment offers.

“Evo has been rapidly expanding, which has increased our governance needs. We are excited to bring on someone with Marco’s background, especially as we consider new funding rounds and investment. He is filling a highly anticipated role on the Evo team”, said Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini.

Lombardi has served on the Board of Directors for companies across many industries, ranging from fashion to aviation to retail. This experience prepared him to advise Evo on financial and governance issues in the varied industries where Evo counts its clients. His years of international management and finance experience have readied him to advise the executive team as Evo grows.

Before he transitioned to the boardroom, Lombardi built a career conducting audits and performing due diligence on M&A transactions on behalf of leaders in the field, including KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young. For over 20 years, Lombardi has advised both private and public companies on mergers, investments and other financial transactions, a skill set that will serve Evo well as they expand.

“I am honoured to join the Evo team at this critical juncture. This is a company with great growth potential, and I am glad that I can use my years of boardroom experience to advise them as they move into the next stage for the company”, said Lombardi.

About Evo Pricing

Evo Pricing is a leading London and Turin-based tech company that uses rapid-response Prescriptive AI for optimal daily supply chain and pricing decisions.

Since 2013, Evo has helped clients leverage Big Data to reduce waste, improve market efficiency, increase margin and deliver optimal decision-making. The system is based on the PhD of the Founder, Fabrizio Fantini, who introduced a new way to address the limits of traditional forecasting.

Evo Pricing has been featured by the Harvard Business School, won several prestigious awards, attracted scientific coverage and secured patents. Every day, their tools collect data on billions of people, commercial transactions, products and locations to build a unique data asset that enables accelerated learning and sustainable impact.

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