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Evo University, the first free university for everyone created by a company

  • The project was born from the intuition of Fabrizio Fantini, CEO and founder of Evo Pricing, a leading company in data analysis: favoring the circular economy of knowledge, as well as the real one
  • 20 courses already available online and new topics and content on demand arriving on the web platform that is enriched thanks to the contribution of the user-student
  • An idea born after the lockdown in a trip between London and Turin named the Italian capital of Artificial Intelligence

London, October 20th, 2020 – The first free university created entirely by employees of a company, is online. It starts from Turin, the Italian capital of artificial intelligence: called Evo University. It owes its name to Evo Pricing, startup born in 2013, today successful in the field of predictive analysis for the supply chain.

Business Science, artificial intelligence, supply-chain secrets and the new frontiers of technology are some of the topics of the courses. The teachers are the same professionals of Evo – data scientists and consultants – who every day develop and exploit mathematics, machine learning and data to help companies earn more, while wasting less.

The users are potentially everyone: anyone can connect and follow the courses, the university is available on-demand, in English, for free, by registering on the portal In this test phase, the student-user community can propose courses of interest to them and allow the “teachers” to populate the portal and enrich the offer.

Some of the Evo Pricing applications have become academic case studies, involving some of the most important universities such as Harvard Business School and London Business School and today the whole experience of Evo is transformed into a digital experience.

“The idea was born in the summer, during my first post lockdown trip between London and Turin, the two offices of Evo, from the desire to favor the circular economy of knowledge, in addition to the real one in a historical moment in which training becomes a crucial asset – reveals Business Science expert Fabrizio Fantini, CEO and founder of Evo Pricing with an MBA from Harvard – every day we help large companies make decisions, forecasting sales volumes, reducing inventory volumes and increasing business – a difficult task, especially in this liquid and unpredictable era; all this is possible thanks to predictive analyzes based on artificial intelligence and the precious alliance between man and machine: with the University we want to make our knowledge available to everyone, share our approach, revealing some secrets perhaps stimulating, why not, even our competitors”.

The rewards path

Evo University allows to independently verify your knowledge and validate your understanding of the fundamental concepts of each course. There are final tests with multiple choice questions selected randomly: to pass the test you need to score at least 90% of correct answers. Once the threshold is reached, you will receive the course badge as recognition. All badges are saved and recorded: helping the user monitor progress.

The teachers

Every Evo team member made a contribution to the University. On the platform, therefore, courses are available from all departments, from human resources to marketing to administration. Core teachers are the product professionals: data scientists, engineers, machine learning experts with international experience and coming from four of the five continents.

“Evo Pricing is an open book and today makes its knowledge available as a scientific and intellectual contribution at the service of those who want to get involved in this period deeply marked by the Coronavirus” concludes Robert Diamond, president of Evo Pricing.

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