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Evo releases interactive charts that give you greater control over your supply chain in Evo Replenish dashboard

Now simulate alternative replenishment scenarios with just one click, enhancing Evo’s unique human input engine shown to increase allocation efficiency +5pp

Turin, March 3, 2022 

Evo Replenish has taken yet another step towards a true human-machine alliance with its latest feature added to the app dashboard. Where before you could only adjust shipments manually within the table of recommendations, now users can simply drag points on the chart itself which will immediately adjust recommendations accordingly across the tool. You’ll immediately be able to see how your changes will impact other product recommendations and the overall shipment volume with a warning letting you know when your changes go beyond the allocated replenishment budget.

This tool is a game changer for store managers and executives who want to simulate alternatives and visualize the impact immediately. “Most people find editing a table to be a tedious task and then have a hard time seeing the big picture impact. This new feature helps our clients to instantly visualize the bottom line impact of their changes in dynamic drag and drop charts right on the app dashboard”, said Fabrizio Fantini, CEO of Evo.

This expansion of functionality in the Evo Supply Chain apps is the latest expansion of Evo’s unique ability to incorporate the wisdom of your team into replenishment calculations in the AI. Their local knowledge and experience allows them to predict popular items before the algorithm picks up the pattern. This extra, intangible understanding of their particular customer needs and opinions on new items or collections generates vital new data ahead of the curve.

After calculating demand for each item and store based on the latest data, Evo Replenish recommends shipments. The store manager can see what the tool plans to send them and then swap products or sizes within a given window of time without changing the total shipment volume.

Evo Replenish automatically adjusts shipments accordingly based on systemwide availability. No additional work or logistical complexity necessary, and results improve immediately. This collaboration increases Evo’s sales forecast accuracy an average of 5pp. Store manager input allows for an average overall 94% allocation efficiency, a 25pp improvement over the average non-Evo replenishment system.

“Human input has long been a critical lever Evo uses to encourage innovation and bottom-line growth within stores. These new features further that goal, all while increasing adoption and ease of use”, said Elena Marocco, Head of Product at Evo.

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Source: GLSummit Blog

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