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Evo Pricing announces its Predictive Supply Chain solution now available on Microsoft AppSource

London, 27th May 2020

Evo Pricing, the developers of value-added applications for AI-powered decision automation, today announced the availability of their new Predictive Supply Chain solution on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

“Our team built a fully automated view of demand forecast for the supply chain of nearly any type of product and service, leveraging proprietary data on 1.2 billion people globally and $100 billion of B2C & B2B transactions: we invested over 200 cumulative person-years of Research & Development over the past 6 years to get to this result” said Fabrizio Fantini, Founder and CEO of Evo Pricing.

“Finally, we are able to leverage a large portion of the Microsoft stack, from Azure to SQL Server to Excel, to enhance strategic daily decisions such as inventory ordering, re-ordering and re-balancing in real-time, based on expected market demand. Completing our Predictive Pricing offering, this solution enables our clients to improve their EBITDA margin by up to 3 percentage points, with up to 35% less inventory and 15% improvement in on-time delivery.”

Previously only available directly from Evo Pricing, the Predictive Supply Chain solution is for the first time also offered via the independent distribution channel of Microsoft AppSource.

“Through Microsoft AppSource, customers around the world can easily find tailored line-of-business solutions from our partners that work with the products they already use,” said Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Senior Director, AppSource Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. “We’re happy to welcome this new Evo Pricing solution to the growing AppSource ecosystem.”

Evo Pricing aims at building a new type of Operating System, for the modern management team to redefine a human-machine alliance that draws on the power of big data and sees a little further by standing on the shoulders of scientific giants. Originally founded in London (UK) in 2013 based on the founder’s PhD research, today it grew to a multi-national team developing predictive pricing and predictive supply chain technology services for global enterprises, based on its proprietary data assets, research and fully-aligned-incentives proposition.

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