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Zenith Talks

Zenith inaugurates the Zenith talks, a series of events dedicated to its talents

Turin, 24 June 2020

Brand News 

Zenith has launched a series of events, as part of the Zenith Culture project aimed at the agency’s talents, featuring activities involving the various teams “with the aim of creating culture, inspiring new ideas, expanding knowledge and increasing the sense of belonging by consolidating the brand’s values”.

The first series of events are the Zenith Talks: they are meetings that cover a wide range of topics from communication to current affairs, with no limits on possible contents.

The main actors of these meetings are inspired by the topics and themes they deal with, guests from outside the agency as well as Zenith’s talents with whom they will discuss directly. These events are organized with a small speech by the guest followed by a free chat.

The first one featured Massimo Russo – a journalist – a communications man and currently Hearst’s Western Europe digital manager, who talked about change in society, leadership, and how to deal with it without fear simply by looking ‘further afield’.

The next event starts today, June 24th, with Georgia Giannattasio, CEO and co-founder of Mentre – an innovative startup with a focus on content and storytelling via podcast – who will talk about an audio content strategy. Over the course of the meeting will be joined by Alessio Giannone, aka Pinuccio, a TV personality and co-founder of Mentre.

Meanwhile, in July Fabrizio Fantini, CEO of Evo Pricing, will be the guest and will discuss how to transform retail (and not only that) from the classic industrial push logic to the inevitable customer-pull of the digital age.

“Zenith Talks are a gift for us, for our people, for our talents – says Andrea Di Fonzo, CEO of Zenith Italy – Food for the mind, to look up day-by-day to new challenges and the transformation underway”.

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