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Your answers to the why behind PriceAI

Evo is excited to announce that our Elasticity app is now available to every client using our PriceAI tools! Now you will be able to visualize pricing opportunities more easily in our online dashboard.

Elasticity, a common measure of the relationship between price and demand, is critical for pricing. With this app, your team can see in which categories and locations changing elasticities reveal opportunities.

The elasticity app is yet another way Evo is making our AI more transparent and explainable. To preview this tool, get a demo!

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Unlegislated AI is a risk to humanity

Evo has long advocated for safe, human-centric AI, which is why The Express turned to CEO Fabrizio Fantini for his take on how we must legislate AI before it’s too late.

Scarpe&Scarpe and Evo tout AI in Turin

Marika Buono, Strategic Planning Director at Scarpe&Scarpe, shared the revolutionary impact of EvoAI with the Piemonte Industrial Union at their June keynote.

Event Network Harvard case acclaimed

The Harvard Business Review research on the partnership between Event Network and Evo, and the ensuing article and webinar, was noted in MarketWatch as a success.

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the EvoStories publication on Medium.

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