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Visualize your pricing impact faster

Evo is proud to announce that our updated Pricing App is ready to deliver results. In addition to our simple and effective add-in, we will be able to offer further pricing insights through the portal.

While pricing clients have always been able to see the overall impact and drill down into the performance of each category and item in Excel, the new app interfaces allow you to visualise results in graphs with a click.

This new interface will increase your ease of use and impact right away. Want to try it yourself? Activate your account in the Evo Portal.

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Retain your customers even in inflation

Inflation continues to soar, and you lose customers as they cut costs or get priced out. Learn strategies to maximise retention at a free webinar on September 21st.

Benetton and Evo success recognised

Evo’s Benedetto Cavicchi will present a case study on Benetton’s markdown success at the Predictive Analytics World conference. Hope you’ll join or read more!

Luxury fashion webinar Sept 27 at 11 CET

Luxury fashion companies are struggling. Evo is partnering with BI provider Board to provide actionable strategies to increase performance at this free webinar.

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the EvoStories publication on Medium.

Try new Pricing App

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