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September 2020 Newsletter

September latest news

September has focused on user experience. We have continued to update our tools to make them easier for our clients to use and finalized plans for Evo University courses that teach how to leverage and understand Evo technology better. Here is a glimpse of what the Evo team accomplished in September.

Complete new certifications at Evo University

This month, the team has been working hard to launch our first “Evo University” courses. Classes open to the public in October. Evo University will help you better understand how to maximize results from Evo tools, as well as how and why they work. Interested managers and other end users can complete certifications demonstrating expertise on specific tools and related topics. Courses launching next month include Supply Chain, Frontend Data Visualization, and more.

Using science to fix the fashion industry

Evo has long served the fashion industry, in part because these retailers face unique supply chain challenges. In this article, Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini highlights the ways new scientific practices improve five core fashion processes.

Why alternative data outperforms tradition

Hedge funds make billions leveraging alternative data, but increased returns are available to any business using non-traditional data to drive decisions. This article in The Startup explains how and why innovative companies like Evo use alternative data.

How to avoid expensive data science mistakes

Being a data-driven business is important, but sometimes KPIs mislead you about the implications of your data. Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini illustrates one such costly example—and shares how autonomous systems minimize and prevent such errors.

Critical data science skills not taught in university

Far too many data scientists graduate without key skills. Evo Client Team Lead Giuseppe Craparotta identifies critical data science skills that candidates we interview are often missing—and explains why we demand them—in this article.

Get business-ready charts with one click

Evo makes data visualization easy with our “Magic Button” tool. Access and learn to use the simple add-in to create nine types of charts with a click in this article.

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