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Quick tips to grow revenue with AI

Last week, Evo hosted a webinar in Italian on how to increase revenues with AI alongside DocFlow, our new partners in Italy. We are so excited to offer tools working in synergy to maximise the impact of automation.

Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini and DocFlow Partner Fabio El Ariny presented solutions that leverage AI across the entire organisation, from pricing and customer scoring to HR and document management.

Curious to learn more? We’d be happy to send you a recording of the webinar! Just reach out to to request the link.

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KPI effectiveness in the pandemic era

In times of high market disruption, it’s hard to know if your business strategy is the right one. Evo Partner Paolo Massafra shows why it is time for a new approach to KPIs.

Evo is increasing its speed in Python

Evo data scientists have been taking “Python for Bunnies” as a professional development course this month to help develop new features for our clients more efficiently.

Taking requests for new documentation

EvoWeek, the time of the year when we focus on learning and documentation, is just a few weeks away. Is there anything you’d like us to develop? Let us know!

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the EvoStories publication on Medium.

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