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Evo University is now live in its first beta preview! Developed during our fall Evo Learning Week, October 5-9, a time we invested to expand our expertise and hone our communication and service skills.

Enter Evo University


Towards self-service

We promised University-level courses: these are now ready, at least the first batch of 20. And it is not just Evo University: much more is changing under the hood!

Our entire public-facing proposition is changing. The portal has become open and will be available for anyone to explore. The first step towards FREE automated self-service access to some Evo tools.

Our product roadmap going forward holds exciting developments: we will make the best of Evo available to the world. So, go ahead and enrol! We appreciate your feedback in this journey, any questions or requests you want to share? Please email

Solving the $200 billion inventory problem

Did you know that there is over $1.40 of stock for every $1 in sales in the U.S. alone, leading to systematic waste? Discover the surprising solution to cut excess inventory by at least 10%.

The chart critical to sales forecast success

Have you ever heard of dendrograms? They are essential to accurate sales forecasts. To improve inventory efficiency, you need to understand how this little-known chart works.

What is the secret psychology of price?

Executives understand how price impacts revenue, but how does it affect your customers? Reveal 5 strategic questions to optimize price points and promotions based on pricing psychology.

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Enter Evo University

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