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Get ready for more EvoStories! Medium has just invited Evo to launch a new publication where you can read our latest news, client success stories, and business intelligence.

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How AI can turn a crisis into an opportunity

Laithwaites faced a massive market turndown and unpredictable costs due to Brexit. Read how Evo helped turn it into +3.1 extra margin points of shareholder value.

Develop further markdown expertise

This month, Evo held the Markdown Digital Masterclass series. A huge thank you to everyone who attended! To learn more, take the Evo University Markdown course.

Why customer-centric pricing grows margin

Mobo has a diverse customer base across Mexico. A more customer-relevant, store-level pricing strategy developed with Evo increased margin by +7%.

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the EvoStories publication on Medium.

Discover EvoStories

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