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November 2020 Newsletter

New org chart functionality

New Evo Portal release: the org chart functionality is now available: see our own Evo team org chart in this picture. 5 brand new teams shown for greater internal and external clarity. Isn’t this simply great?

Evo team can access this today, clicking Org Chart under your name on the top right; for anyone else interested, please get in touch to get this new feature activated.

Charts automatically generated for every portal company, based on the new reporting to field added to each team profile. Also new: now with your picture, feature available for everyone!

Access the new portal v10.4

2 steps to increase the value of your data

Data auditing may seem like a tedious, unnecessary chore, but it is the only way to ensure that you have high-value data and get the most out of your analysis.

How do the 5 Vs of Big Data increase ROI?

Most companies do not use Big Data effectively because they do not understand the fundamentals. When you master the 5 Vs of Big Data, you escape the most common traps for a data-driven company.

Supply chain optimization: worth it

The paradox of supply chain optimization is that you will never achieve the perfection you seek. Despite this Catch-22, the tangible benefits lie in the attempt—and are worth the challenge.

Further reading from Evo

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Access the new portal v10.4

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