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New tool to maximise sales conversion

Evo is proud to announce that our Customer Scoring App is ready for wide launch. While Evo has long innovated custom solutions for clients, we have now applied that to an off-the-shelf tool for any sales team.

Evo’s scoring tools use our innovative prescriptive AI to score prospects at the customer/ salesperson level. Each salesperson can identify the unique expected value of each product to each customer.

This scoring tool lets your sales team know exactly where to focus to maximise impact. Want to try it yourself? Schedule a scoring demo!

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Evo innovates with equity on the blockchain

Evo has long wanted to make the Evo team co-owners in the company. This year, that was finally made a reality using smart contracts to give employees stock options.

New Markdown feature speeds execution

Evo launched a new feature that allows you to keep a discount active for a number of weeks. With this, gain more control over optimisation and improve execution time!

Still have questions about inflation?

Concerns about the impact of inflation on businesses have continued to rise. We want to do all we can to help. Download the white paper or set up a meeting with an expert.

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