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March 2021 Newsletter

Your invitation to 2 free AI events

Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini will be presenting at the NVIDIA GTC 2021 Conference. This is a prestigious tech conference from April 12-16, highlighting AI Innovators, Technologists and Creatives.

Fabrizio’s FREE 20-min speech is on April 12th at 10 am PDT and will discuss the GPU-powered supply chain. We hope you’ll join us! Sign up at the NVIDIA GTC website to get access.

Interested in AI innovation in other fields? Check out the other free keynotes, as well. This is a top-tier slate of speakers!

Join Evo at NVIDIA GTC

Free ESCP Digital MBA Masterclass

Want another opportunity to learn to innovate with AI? Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini hosts an MBA Masterclass through the ESCP business school where he teaches on April 1.

Evo celebrates CLIK Challenge@PoliTo final

Challenge students successfully made their final company presentations in Evo’s “AI 4 Fashion Trends” challenge. The jury was impressed by their innovation!

2 new executives join the Evo Family

Evo is excited to welcome Tony Solano as Chief Revenue Officer and Marco Lombardi as Chief Operations Officer. Both bring years of management experience to help us grow!

Building a strong remote-first team

It’s time for Evo Spring Drinks! This is a quarterly event where we bond and welcome new Evo Family members. At Evo, physical distance can’t stop the fun!

Hamlet and the madness of the supply chain

Last month we sent you our article on the supply chain question. Well, it inspired Orchestr8 to recast Shakespeare into a new poem for supply chain professionals!

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the Business Science column on Medium.

Join Evo at NVIDIA GTC

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