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June 2021 Newsletter

Scaling Evo’s impact

Following almost two years apart, the Evo Family finally got together to celebrate EvoCon 5.1 safely! We spent three days at the beautiful Lake Iseo bonding and strategising as a team.

The focus of this year’s conference: scaling. We established more effective and efficient processes to support clients as we grow and maximise our impact.

After a difficult year, this EvoCon was just what we needed to refocus and reset our trajectory for the next year. 2022 never looked brighter!

Discover the Evo approach

How Evo’s prescriptive AI beat Oracle RPAS

Evo’s personalized approach targets critical pain points rather than general KPI improvements. The results for O’Key: +23% grocery supply chain efficiency! Here’s how.

Why AI needs transparency to innovate

Only about 1/3 of people trust AI to deliver dependable recommendations. This doubt limits innovation. The solution: greater transparency through AI legislation.

Evo partners with Corporate Benefits Int.

Evo works hard to ensure our Evo Family has a happy, healthy work-life balance. Our new partnership with Corporate Benefits International is one more way we deliver.

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the Business Science column on Medium.

Discover the Evo approach

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