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June 2020 Newsletter

June latest news

This was a busy month for Evo. Increased coverage of the company in recent weeks and new strategic partnerships have grown our impact. These developments have expanded how we serve our clients. Here are some highlights:

Why business science is the future of data science

Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini wrote on Medium about what we can learn about data science from the humble salmon— and why the data itself matters less than a results-focused approach to problem-solving. This post has started a heated debate in the data science community, sending it viral the weekend it was posted. Evo’s results-first approach to data is leading the conversation.

Evo secures Italian patent

Evo has officially received approval for our Italian patent. This patent covers our innovative approach to replenishment, a key part of our supply chain algorithms. US patent approval is forthcoming.

Evo solutions featured on Microsoft AppSource

Evo partnered with Microsoft AppSource to offer our Pricing and Supply Chain Solutions on its marketplace. This further integration with the Microsoft stack helps us deliver increased value from automated decisions. Read More

RaiNews24 highlights Evo contributions to post-pandemic recovery

RaiNews24 interviewed Evo data scientist Elena Marocco in our Turin office to discuss the importance of data in a difficult economy and how Evo is helping businesses adapt. Read more

Coverage: Fortune Italia

The digital as a lever to get out of the impasse created by the lockdown and the coronavirus crisis. Most SMEs and artisans have responded to the crisis by relying on the world of digital innovation. Read more

Coverage: Il Sole 24 Ore

Evo’s algorithms help fashion companies to manage Phase 2. This company “bred” by the Polytechnic of Turin provides predictive analysis of market trends and previously identifies the different reactions between luxury and fast fashion markets. Read more

Coverage: RDS

“Italian studies raised to an international level. We are talking about Evo, a leading group in the field of so-called predictive analysis, data collection and consequent forecasts. We are in the world of data scientists, says CEO Fabrizio Fantini” Read more

Coverage: Restartitalia

“There is this outstanding startup in London; it emphasizes the importance of data, its value, its ability to provide useful services to the community, to relationships and also aids in the management of stores […]” Read more

Coverage: Sifted

Never fear, there’s still work out there. As many European citizens are hit by layoffs and redundancies from companies closing shop for the time being — there are others still welcoming new hires with open arms. Read more

Further insights from our CEO

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