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July 2021 Newsletter

Own your data destiny

Evo’s Tech Team was busy this month finalizing new Portal functions to make it easier for you to upload and process data. This flexibility allows you to securely transfer data however best suits your needs.

Previously, data could only be uploaded to our backend through SFTP: now new APIs powered by Azure allow additional direct uploads. Even better, data can now be imported and managed directly in the Portal.

For clients that like the old process, nothing has to change, but these new functions can endlessly adapt to your tech and data needs. Now you self-determine how your data is imported!

Explore new Portal functions

Why any brand benefits from better pricing

Many companies assume responsive pricing gains are small for Every Day Low Price brands. +€107 million additional margin at Decathlon proves otherwise.

Data-driven isn’t dead

Some say that “data-driven” is a meaningless term we should stop using. In reality, data-driven decisions are more important than ever: you just have to follow through.

How Evo is scaling client impact

In the month following EvoCon, the Evo team has dedicated itself to implementing our plans to scale client impact and Evo as a whole. Read more about how.

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the Business Science column on Medium.

Explore new Portal functions

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