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July 2020 Newsletter

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As Europe reopens and begins to recover from the pandemic, accurate forecasts and intelligence remain critical. Evo has contributed to the recovery by launching new tools to help our clients and providing value through automated decisions. Here is some of what the team has been doing in July.

Now retailers can accurately allocate high-selling items to new stores using latest Evo Replenish release

In response to client needs, Evo has added functionality to its Replenish tool. In addition to accurately allocating items that were already sold in particular stores, Evo Replenish can now identify products not previously sold in that store that are likely to perform well. Retailers can stock those products in the new stores to optimize the inventory allocated to each store regardless of where high-demand items had been available previously. Read More

How Covid-19 changed data science

Evo Lead Data Engineer Tobia Tudino identified five key trends in data science that have emerged in the wake of the crisis. Read his Medium article to understand how these changes impact every data-driven business.

Evo’s role in the AI revolution

In 2018, AI expert and Berkeley Professor Michael I. Jordan declared the AI revolution far from ready. We argue that’s now changed. Discover why Evo is proud to be a part of the AI revolution.

Evo CEO featured at Zenith Talks

Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini spoke at the invite-only Zenith Talks on the theme of digital transformation and about how companies can use a customer-centric “pull” strategy for greater success. Read more

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