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January 2022 Newsletter

Evo proud to be I3P Startup of the Year

Evo is excited to share that we have been awarded I3P Startup of the Year for 2021! Out of all the notable companies incubated with us at the I3P at the Politecnico di Torino, Evo is proud to be chosen as a leader.

During the award ceremonyGiuseppe Scellato, President of I3P, praised Evo’s “truly innovative solutions, in a sector with enormous potential, which have already been validated by the market.”

We’re proud our solutions have again been recognized for their groundbreaking impact and look forward to further growth in 2022.

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Data to be the differentiator in 2022

Evo data scientists have big predictions for 2022. Read our article to find out why pricing is a top management concern and why data is your biggest competitive advantage.

Evo recognized in Fortune Italia

Evo’s recent accomplishments and impact have been noted in publications across Italy. As Fortune puts it, “Artificial Intelligence is the present, and realities like Evo prove it.”

Strategic pricing for inflation

Inflation has pushed pricing to the forefront of every executive’s mind. Evo scientific advisor Oded Koenigsberg shares critical strategies in the Harvard Business Review.

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the EvoStories publication on Medium.

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