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Discuss your markdowns with the experts

Winter markdowns are only just finished, but fashion merchandisers are already planning for the summer season. This process was always difficult for merchandising teams and now is less predictable than ever.

Experts agree: markdowns can make or break today’s fashion companies. A prescriptive tool can ensure your markdown strategy has the desired impact, even amidst uncertainty.

That’s why Evo is creating a round table of experts to discuss how you can optimise summer markdowns in our webinar April 19th. Join us!

Master markdowns

Track your pricing impact and history

PriceAI is making history! Or at least recording it. The latest version of our pricing app now has a History tab where you can see all past pricing changes and their impact.

Your data, viewed your way

EvoAI apps come with critical data visualisation elements out of the box, but sometimes the usual data isn’t enough. Now customise your columns in PriceAI anytime.

Questions about optimising procurement?

Couldn’t attend our webinar with DocFlow on using AI to plan purchasing better? We have plenty of procurement strategies to share. Set up a call to ask your questions!

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Master markdowns

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