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August latest news

August is traditionally a relaxing month in Europe, as many businesses slow down and people take vacations. For Evo, however, August was busier than ever, as we ramped up efforts to help our clients regain traction in reopened markets. Here are some of the activities that occupied the Evo team in August.

Microsoft highlights Boggi Milano’s growth with Evo and Azure

Microsoft released a case study on Boggi Milano, emphasizing how they leveraged Evo’s supply chain solutions and the Microsoft stack to increase the efficiency of their inventory allocation.

Microsoft focused on Boggi Milano’s success in increasing like-for-like revenue growth by 4 per cent, even while shrinking overall stock by 12 per cent, thanks to accelerated learning and greater local relevance. Read More

Limiting the “creep-factor” of AI

AI can revolutionize business, but its adoption has been limited because people find AI a bit creepy. Evo Senior Data Scientist Giuseppe Craparotta shared with The Startup publication how we can increase trust in AI.

How Evo makes AI more accessible

Evo has always made user experience a priority when designing AI. Evo Supply Chain Lead Elena Marocco explains key accessibility principles for AI, as well as Evo’s approach to user experience in her recent Medium article.

Why Evo publishes on Medium

Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini made the switch from publishing business articles on LinkedIn to Medium after using the power of algorithms and A/B testing to determine you get higher engagement and better experiences on Medium.

Evo partners with Politecnico di Torino

Evo is sponsoring the CHALLENGE@PoliTo as a knowledge partner this fall. Our “A.I. 4 fashion” business challenge encourages students to develop innovative solutions that improve accuracy of fashion trend forecasting. Read More

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