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April 2022 Newsletter

Enhance end-of-lifecycle performance with new Evo features

Evo is proud to announce an updated feature to roll out in our Replenish tool: regrouping. This feature ensures better end-of-lifecycle coverage of items while maximising sales.

The regrouping feature allows you to identify which stores have the highest sales potential for a retiring item and consolidate them in those stores to ensure a fuller size range and more attractive presentation.

While regrouping has always existed in Replenish, the update enhances end-of-season performance. Check it out in the app on the Evo portal!

Explore regrouping feature

Evo nominated as AI Company of the Year

Evo was named a finalist in the British Data Awards for 2022 as both AI Company of the Year and Startup of the Year. Excited to attend the awards on May 19th!

Evo presenting at Netcomm Forum

Evo has been invited to present at Netcomm Forum 2022, Italy’s largest event for digital transformation in e-commerce. We hope to see you there on May 4th!

Prepare for Summer markdowns in style

This time of year, retailers are preparing for the busy markdown season. Set yourself up for even greater markdown success with our Markdown Course at Evo University.

Further reading from Evo

Read all our latest releases, published in the EvoStories publication on Medium.

Explore regrouping feature

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