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A better analytical approach to markdowns

Traditionally, markdowns have been considered an unfortunate necessity in retail: an inefficient last effort to eliminate excess inventory and recapture some of its value.

With a new analytical approach, there’s a more efficient way. Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini’s article in Towards Data Science explains the data behind a developing Harvard case study on better markdown tactics.

Dive deep into the three analytical markdown approaches to discover why a prescriptive strategy is transformational.

Rethink markdowns

Data science lessons we’re not learning

Mistakes can help data scientists find better solutions but not if we consistently replicate them. 3 repeat errors hold us back, reducing the transformational impact of AI.

Agile is the watchword

When crises hit, businesses need to adjust quickly to mitigate the impact. That requires an agile approach, responsive in 3 critical areas: models, management and mindset.

NVIDIA keynote on AiSupply still available

Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini’s speech at the NVIDIA GTC 2021 conference got positive feedback. Couldn’t attend live? See the recording on-demand until May 11.

Further reading from Evo

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Rethink markdowns

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