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Evo @20 years of I3P

Turin, December 2, 2019

Fabrizio Fantini (Evo CEO): “We have been here in I3P for a year, after I initially founded the company in 2015 out of my PhD project alongside just two people. We had a first experience in a coworking office; then we looked for a home in a technology company.

In I3P, we found a great environment and also an infrastructure that supported us. Today we have eighteen people here in Turin who come from both the University and the Polytechnic University of Turin, with whom we collaborate on research projects. We actually also have an office in London and 20 other people who work with us outside Italy, so we have a very international atmosphere.

Evo essentially provides intelligence tools to managers. That is, it helps companies forecast demand at a more granular level and then make automatic, smarter and more profitable pricing and supply chain decisions. In the next two years on our path here, we are trying to structure our offer in order to scale more easily and be more easily understood by customers. We also have access, through the resources of I3P and the university, to an audience of customers around the world who can help us grow and help us deliver the intelligence that companies deserve to have, in-house.”

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