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Transform your approach to holistic pricing with Pricing INside OUT

We are excited to announce that this week pricing expert Nicola Scirocco has released Pricing INside OUT, a practical, cutting-edge guide on holistic pricing! As the head of global pricing for the Prysmian Group, Nicola brings firsthand experience on pricing strategy in a highly competitive field.

This book delves into the nitty-gritty of pricing management across all areas of business impact affected by pricing practices from process to segmentation to strategy and execution to innovation to even organisational structure.

No matter where in the process pricing professionals are involved, they will better understand how they can make more effective and efficient pricing decisions with a view to the holistic impact of pricing strategy.

Unlike many top books on pricing today, Pricing INside OUT goes beyond theory to focus on practical strategies and best practices used by pricing professionals in real life. Readers are shown case studies and personal stories from a wide cross-section of industries. These are presented with clear takeaways that anyone working in pricing can use to generate increased returns.

The book Pricing INside OUT is a great source for professionals entering pricing practice, current pricing professionals, or senior executives seeking to drive pricing excellence within their firms. Well written and broad in scope, Scirocco presents a comprehensive playbook for driving pricing excellence.

-Professor Tim J. Smith, PhD, Founder and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing and Adjunct Professor of Pricing Strategy at DePaul University Chicago

Evo CEO Fabrizio Fantini consulted as co-author on pricing AI

No modern playbook on pricing could neglect the way artificial intelligence can transform success in pricing. As Evo is a leader in pricing AI, Evo founder and CEO Fabrizio Fantini was consulted for the section on pricing algorithms. He provided cases and strategies from Evo’s own work and served as a co-author for the chapter.

We are proud that Fabrizio is able to share how we use AI, as well as the ways that any company can benefit from a pricing strategy developed using a massive set of real-time data. While artificial intelligence will never replace pricing professionals, it is a vital tool for any pricing professional who wants to optimise their strategy for the current market reality. Pricing INside OUT demonstrates exactly why AI is the future of pricing.

Get Pricing INside OUT now to revolutionise your pricing practices

If you want to modernise your approach to pricing, you cannot afford not to read this book. The lessons passed along by pricing experts are not just entertaining; they provide valuable strategies any business can use for measurable impact.

We urge you to get your copy right now to learn from the best practices of top professionals in the field. Pricing INside OUT is available at and on Amazon.

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In her free time, she likes to travel or curl up with a good book.

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