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Evo November Spotlight: Benedetto Cavicchi

Meet Benedetto

Evo uses AI to help businesses reduce waste and make better decisions. But our AI doesn’t build itself! The EvoFamily helps us design, structure, support, run and improve our AI and its underlying infrastructure to provide the best possible recommendations to our clients.

Because our team is critical in making Evo tools a success, we want to celebrate the diverse team members worldwide that help us fulfil our mission. Each month we highlight one of our outstanding team members and allow them to share a bit of their day-to-day contributions and accomplishments. We couldn’t be more grateful to have these awesome people on our team!

This month, we’re going to get to know the person who helps clients get the best results from our Markdown tool, Benedetto, a bit better.

Tell us a little about yourself, Benedetto.

Hi, I’m Benedetto. I’m a 26-year-old-man, and I come from a tiny town in the province of Ferrara. I really like that rural environment. I grew up with animals, surrounded by fields and many things you cannot see in the city. Moving to Turin was pretty wild for me, but now I’m used to living in an apartment on the 3rd or 4th floor, surrounded by activity and lots of stuff.

In my free time, I play some sports, particularly football. I’ve recently gotten into racquetball, the new trending sport for people with no time to play sports. I also am involved in politics. I like to read the news, attend political meetings, and help campaign for candidates. It’s my passion. And finally, I volunteer in the community with a local convent, helping poor children with their homework and providing necessities. I like to stay busy!

What do you do at Evo?

Well, it’s not simple to describe my job! At a fundamental level, I follow new clients from day one and help them be successful with Evo.

We first discuss the solution that they want, and then I work with the team to translate that solution into a tool. After that, we work with them on the data ingestion part of the project. We work with their IT person to explain our data model and teach them how to export their data to us. We coordinate with Evo’s ETL Team to develop the data model. Then we work with Evo’s Product Team to fully develop the tool. We train the client on how to use the Evo tool effectively and read the results.

Next, we proceed to the test. During this stage, I’m heavily involved. We make sure that the Evo tool is performing as expected and adjust to improve results. Often, we conduct analyses to check that everything is correctly optimised. Eventually, we start a complete project, and we are less involved day-to-day, but we are still Evo’s face to the client. We’re therefore involved in many stages of the client lifecycle in many different ways. We coordinate many teams and have to adapt quickly to respond to client needs.

That sounds like a complicated job. Why is that kind of work appealing to you?

I guess it’s my personality. I like to challenge myself a lot. I’ve always liked to push myself into doing things that are difficult for me. I’m not scared of a challenge. It allows me to work to find a solution. For every problem, there is a solution. Maybe it’s not immediately visible, but when you find it, you feel excellent. Perhaps you need to go deep to see it, but the solution is there for you to find. With the right effort, you can do almost anything successfully. That’s what I get to do every day for our clients.

How’d you end up at Evo?

I studied in two different cities. First, in Trento, which was very similar to Ferrara, but a place where I could start to get out of my comfort zone. My academic interests also matured there. I became passionate about public expenses and the political economy, which led me to study economics. However, by the end of my bachelor’s degree, I started to realise I also liked the numbers side of things. I wanted to join a mathematical rigour and an understanding of those models with what was happening in the real world, the politics and the news.

So when I discovered a Stochastics and Data Science Master’s program in Turin that combined those interests, I decided to move here to attend. It allowed me to study mathematics in more depth but with a multi-disciplinary approach. I studied this subject for two years, and it was very hard. I had studied economics, and this was a master’s level mathematics program. I had to cover some topics that I had never studied previously. This challenge pushed my resilience and showed that I really liked this kind of cross-disciplinary work.

After I finished my degree, I was happy to start working. I sent my CV to Evo, but they were looking for a pure data scientist. It wasn’t the right fit. So I started working for another company as a data scientist. They were just beginning this department, so it was more closely tied to the commercial/client side. It closed the circle, giving me both a commercial and analytical profile.  When the client position at Evo opened, I had the perfect background, and I jumped on the opportunity to join the team.

What do you love about your job?

I like the translation. I get to translate a client’s needs into solutions, and they need to be smart. Sometimes the classical solution is not feasible for whatever reason, and you need to be smart to face this problem differently. I like this part of my job: solving diverse problems with innovative solutions. It’s the best kind of challenge.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced at Evo?

When I’m training the clients, it’s a big challenge. They need good answers fast, and I need to deliver. I’m outside of the comfort of Evo and often by myself when it’s my client, but what I say will affect their overall relationship with Evo. It’s a huge responsibility and challenge. Luckily, I like a challenge, and this has become an interesting part of my job.

What excites you about Evo’s future?

The strength of this company is its human capital. With our mix of intelligent people, we can face a diverse mix of problems. And we do solve more and more types of problems for companies every day. We have a high technical and mathematical aptitude but also a high relational aptitude. My colleagues and I, especially on the client team, can understand the core problems clients are facing, which is not a skill every company has, setting us up to deliver even better solutions as we mature.

Evo is moving. I have worked places that were stuck, static, but you can tell that Evo is in movement. People are reactive. They respond to the market, and they are excited to face new challenges. I really like that. Evo has so much unexpressed potential that it will fulfil.

What is it like working on the Evo team?

I like the family feel. It is a family. And each person on the team is respected as a valued member of that family. You feel that there is a lot of respect for each of us. Yes, it’s fun to be at Evo. It’s fun to have EvoBreakfast and EvoPizza and go to EvoCon, but I feel that every person is valued, and that is the real benefit. No matter if a person is more involved or less involved, no one is forgotten in the EvoFamily.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in becoming a part of the EvoFamily?

My advice is to apply. Why? Because if you want to have a challenging job and talk to smart people, Evo can be very interesting. First of all, you’ll have a smart, supportive family. Second, Evo is in movement. The contributions of each person affect the company’s direction.

I’ve only been at Evo five months, and I’ve already done real things with impact. This is exciting because you feel that your contributions matter even from the very beginning. It’s not just words when we say you matter. You can make Evo something better. So if you want a challenge, join us right away.

About the author

Kaitlin Goodrich is Evo’s main storyteller who helps communicate Evo’s message to the world.
Kaitlin received her BS in International Affairs and Modern Languages at Georgia Tech and then an LLM in International Trade Law from the University of Turin. She worked in Latin America doing education outreach for U.S. binational centers and has since worked as a content writer for international clients.
In her free time, she likes to travel or curl up with a good book.

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