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Horses for courses – getting the best out of the human-machine alliance

February 1, 2018

Human or machines? Who or what is best?

You wouldn’t ask Leonardo da Vinci to dig a ditch. Or Jamie Oliver to make beans on toast.

When somebody, or something, has a highly developed talent it’s only common sense to make optimum use of their skills.

So, all this ‘end of humans’ and Terminatorgeddon stuff is really missing the point.

There are things that humans do better than machines, and vice versa.


For example, humans were not designed to make myriads of small data-driven decisions. If your company depends only on people in this area, you’re losing tremendous business value to waste every day.

Losses that include, but are not limited to:

·         excessive discounting

·         sub-optimal pricing

·         unsold inventory

·         missed sales

A SatNav for business

Scientific learning transforms business management, and the sooner you add machine learning to your team, the sooner you’ll be ahead of the competition.

It’s kind of like SatNav for business, where the machine does the heavy lifting and the driver has the final say.

Who drives a car these days without the help of a SatNav?

15 years ago, SatNav was a novelty and an optional extra. These days it comes as standard on every new car and has reshaped transport. It developed from being a rudimentary digital map to a powerful and indispensable logistical tool for business.

And, as with SatNav and vehicles, it’s impossible in this day and age to run your business without a machine learning ‘map’ to do the heavy lifting.

The Human-Machine Alliance unlocking hidden opportunities

We’re talking about a new Human-Machine Alliance based on data, bringing significant growth potential and substantial ROI.

What is that worth to your business?

Well, for our existing customers, it has resulted in improvements of over $200 million in their margins. All achieved by simply closing all those supply/demand gaps.

What a client CEO calls “software for the rest of us”.

We believe data can make you truly market & customer-driven.

Do you?

Get in touch with us and unlock the hidden opportunities in your business.

About the author

Martin Luxton is a writer and content strategist who specializes in explaining how technology affects business and everyday life.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics are here to stay and we have only just begun tapping into their enormous potential.

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