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Evo June Spotlight: Viola Pettinati

Meet Viola

This month, we’re going to get to know one of our client managers, Viola, a bit better.

Tell us a little about yourself, Viola.

So I live in Torino, Italy, but originally I’m from a pretty small town south of Milan. I regularly visit my family to see them and old friends and just enjoy each other’s company. I’m very close to them, so it’s great to spend time together.

What do you do at Evo?

I work on the Client Team, where I help our clients use our tools better. My job is to identify their needs and build solutions that solve their problems or set up an existing tool to maximise the impact.

How has your role differed over time at Evo?

I feel more comfortable doing this role than working on the Product Team. Although when I was on the Product Team, I was also doing what I do now alongside development. The roles weren’t as well-defined.

How’d you end up at Evo?

For personal reasons, I wanted to change cities and move here to Torino, but I was very happy at my job in Milan. I was only interested in changing jobs if I felt it was truly worth it. Before Evo, I worked in the IT department of a big bank. We created a lot of dashboards and other tools, but primarily we helped very senior managers manage large projects in IT.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I can help clients in a technical way. It lets me use my skills to have a real impact that I can see and feel proud of.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced at Evo?

To help the clients, I had to learn a lot. I know a lot on the technical side — my background is in mathematical models — and I’m very familiar with our products. Still, I needed to understand the businesses of our clients better. I’m a mathematician first, so I had to study their needs to ensure that our products serve them best. This has been interesting, especially as I’ve worked with different industries.

What is it like working on the Evo team?

I really like this team. Great people are working at Evo. They are excellent at their jobs. When we need to accomplish something, it’s a pleasure to work with these people. You feel that everyone is committed to the same thing: providing great results. No matter who I need to help me accomplish that goal, we are all working together. The cooperation is very effective.

What advice do you have for anyone interested in becoming a part of the EvoFamily?

You need to be someone who likes to make a difference. Enthusiasm for what you do is essential in Evo because we do many things together as a team, and we need dedicated team players.

As someone often involved in the recruitment process, is there a trait you look for in particular (beyond the technical skills, of course!)?

When I’m interviewing someone, I pay close attention to their attitude. They need to work well in teams. What I also look for is someone calm and well-rounded. It’s important to be enthusiastic, yes, but that needs to balance with other traits that help with cooperation.

Anything else people should know about Evo?

To me, the concept of EvoFamily seemed a little bit strange at first, but that word’s come to have another meaning after everything I’ve gone through in the past couple of years. I felt that people were really close to me. I felt very supported by the company. I knew everyone was rooting for me. We really are a supportive team. It’s not just that we cooperate at work, which is good, but we are part of a community. We care about each other.

About the author

Kaitlin Goodrich is Evo’s main storyteller who helps communicate Evo’s message to the world.
Kaitlin received her BS in International Affairs and Modern Languages at Georgia Tech and then an LLM in International Trade Law from the University of Turin. She worked in Latin America doing education outreach for U.S. binational centers and has since worked as a content writer for international clients.
In her free time, she likes to travel or curl up with a good book.

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