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Bonding over Bucket Lists: EvoDrinks Spring 2022

Yesterday, Evo had a great time getting together for our Spring EvoDrinks! At Evo, we don’t just work hard; we play hard, too!  This event we had a fun time bonding as an EvoFamily as we discussed some of our major life goals outside the workplace.

Our endlessly hard-working People Team, especially the event leader Rae Bargamento put on an event to remember. A big part of that was also thanks to our hosts Tina Xhemalallari and Ankita Sadhanandan. This cross-team collaboration made all the difference! A massive thank you to the two of them for making this event fun and entertaining!

Want to know some of our EvoFamily’s big dreams? According to the bucket lists submitted by our EvoFamily, many of us are dreaming big! Everything from far off vacations, to attending once-in-a lifetime events like the Monaco Grand Prix and the World Cup made the list. More than of us is dreaming of visiting space!

Of course, not all dreams are so crazy. We want to help others, have families, and make a difference in our communities. Some of us feel our jobs at Evo are even helping us on our way to that bucket list. For those people who want to reduce emissions or mitigate climate change, the work we do reducing waste is an important step.

Check out some other dreams we expressed in the intro video from the event:

After we watched the video we had a friendly trivia competition in teams to see who learned the most about their colleagues (and plenty of other stuff too!). In the end, the Asia Team and Angel Alvizu were the big champions of the day. Angel not only lead his team to victory as team leader, he also took home the individual trivia prize from the event! Each team member earned a little EvoToken to celebrate their big win.

Evo Team @EvoDrinks Spring 2022

We’re so proud of their success, and the rest of us can’t wait for a rematch at our next EvoDrinks.

About the author

Kaitlin Goodrich is Evo’s main storyteller who helps communicate Evo’s message to the world.
Kaitlin received her BS in International Affairs and Modern Languages at Georgia Tech and then an LLM in International Trade Law from the University of Turin. She worked in Latin America doing education outreach for U.S. binational centers and has since worked as a content writer for international clients.
In her free time, she likes to travel or curl up with a good book.

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