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Best practices for omnichannel fulfillment

December 12, 2018

It seems like every day there are new developments in the technological world. Once you get comfortable with one channel, another one pops up on the scene.

What used to be simple and straightforward for sales is now a whole web of channels they need to understand and manage.

Single-channel strategies are no longer 100% efficient; merely making people aware of your brand isn’t enough. You have to maintain your prospects’ interests up until you seal the deal.

How do you do this?

You branch out.

Find out where your prospects are at the different stages of the buying process, and pull those channels into your mix.

Not only do you have to go multichannel, but you have to go cross-channel as well. Putting together the optimal journey and meeting people’s expectations is what will compel people to move from prospects to customers.

Here, we discuss omnichannel strategies and best practices your brand can utilize to see those numbers go up.

Strategies and best practices for omnichannel management

Although there are several ways you can go about for omnichannel strategies, there are a few things you can do to ensure your brand’s success.

Break out of silos

It may be easier said than done, but your brand needs to look at the big picture rather than specialize in different areas.

It can be a low-hanging fruit to pick by looking at a few channels and becoming experts at utilizing them for your sales strategies.

But when you focus on select channels, you can be missing out on potential customers in many other places. Or worse yet, you can lose out on some hot leads by letting the trail go cold.

By breaking out of silos, bringing channels together, and underpinning that with effective omnichannel management, you won’t fail when it comes to your brand’s customer interactions.

Move from multichannel to omnichannel

These two terms may sound the same, but they’re actually not. By employing a multichannel strategy, you’re picking up more than 1 avenue to reach your prospects.

Adopting more than one channel is great, but not enough in most cases. In an effort to keep up with the fast-paced world, marketers often try to grab hold of every single channel they can.

But they usually fail to do one thing:

Give consumers a cohesive journey to the final product.

Once you’ve branched out to multiple channels, you can then think about how to weave them together. They shouldn’t be individual points leading to point A (your brand), but rather, points leading from one to another, with your brand as the final stop.

Get personalization right

So you’ve adopted an omnichannel strategy. That should be the end of all the hard work right? You’ve managed to wrangle multiple channels and put together an impressive sales funnel flow.

Sadly, there’s more to be done. There’s no point in an omnichannel strategy if you can’t get personalization right.

All your efforts are for nothing if Mike gets to the decision phase, and then gets turned off because you offered him something completely irrelevant.

Or even worse…you addressed him as Suzy or the dreaded {{contact.firstname}}.

It’s a tall order, but if you put both the time and effort into detailed personalization, it’ll pay off.

Connect online and offline

With so much emphasis on digitalization in sales, it can be easy to forget about the offline world.

But the truth is, you can significantly elevate the customer experience by marrying online and offline.

The majority of people still read newspapers and magazines, have a landline, watch TV, and shop at stores with POSs. That’s a large treasure chest of data waiting to be unlocked and linked to online channels.

How we can help

Omnichannel management is crucial in guiding your customers successfully through their journey with you. But you can’t do this all by yourself. You can try, but it’s not a very efficient use of your time or talents.

Here at Evo, we specialize in omnichannel strategy. We’ll take a close look at your retail logistics and give you the right tools for sales optimization.

No matter what industry you’re in, we can help manage your channels, so your customers have seamless experiences.

With our automated data collection and market tracking capabilities, we’ll take the manual work off of you. The power of automation combined with our team of expert scientists means evolution in your marketing.

In turn, you’ll see immediate results. We’ll optimize your sales and profits so much you’ll wonder why you ever tried anything (or anyone) else.

Interested in revving up your omnichannel management? Then get in touch with us today.

About the author

Over the last 5 years, Eliot Morgan has transformed his obsession for words into a 6-figure online copywriting business – his clients, like Evo, enjoy increased traffic, customers and revenue as a result.

When he’s not behind the keyboard, he can be found Salsa dancing with his girlfriend in Colombia.

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