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3 Ways Studying Math Made Me a Better Data Scientist

My journey into data science

1. I learned how to reason through a problem

… But I didn’t apply that skill to real-life problems very often

2. I became an expert at numbers

… But I lacked the programming skills to apply those numbers to diverse situations

3. I learned to be precise in my analysis

… But analyses in business require a different mindset than math

You, too, can build a great career as a data scientist with a math degree


Big thanks to Kaitlin Goodrich.

About the author

Elena Marocco joined Evo as data scientist in 2016 after a very successful internship experience. A cum-laude graduate in Mathematics at the University of Turin, she defended an MSc with an innovative solution for Fashion Inventory Management.

She is excited about the world of probability, statistics and, more generally, in discovering useful maths that can have a significant impact through real life applications.

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