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Corriere Torino

Life as a CEO – interview with Fabrizio Fantini

Turin, March 15, 2021

by Christian Benna

#vitadaceo How do managers and entrepreneurs recharge their batteries? We asked Fabrizio Fantini.

Work and business in the blue zone. Business meetings on Lake Iseo. Meetings with investors and partnerships. All strictly remotely sailing on the open sea. Fabrizio Fantini and Marco Palminiello, at the helm of Evo Pricing, experiment leadership models on board office boats.

1. Fabrizio Fantini, today in the office, is already to back to base?

«We have experienced business management in the waves. It’s a great school of leadership and problem solving. But you can’t manage everything remotely. The model that works is hybrid. In fact, given that we have grown so much, with 44 employees, we are planning to take up a new physical office in Turin».

2. The next trip?

«As soon as possible, we want to bring our entire team to a company meeting on the water, at Lake Iseo. And my partner and I will be back on the boat very soon, but for limited periods. Sailing is passion. And the hammock hanging between the main halyard and the backstay is a beautiful office».

3. What did you produce during last crossing?

«Ordinary administration and meetings with investors. We had some connection problems. But sailing below the coast everything works with a normal telephone».

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