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Startups still hiring in Europe amid coronavirus

A list of European startups that are still hiring in the current climate

London, April 1, 2020

By Connor Bilboe

Never fear, there’s still work out there. As many European citizens are hit by layoffs and redundancies from companies closing shop for the time being — there are others still welcoming new hires with open arms. From Revolut to Alan and Kry, some companies are booming and looking for new talent to keep up with increased demand.

But where can you find these startups? Look no further, they’re right here.

We’ve listed open positions by European country. Whether you, a friend or a colleague are on the lookout for a job, check out what’s in store. You never know, your dream job could be waiting for you.


Evo Pricing, a London-based startup using machine learning to help companies predict analysis of price management, promotion, forecasting and supply decisions is looking for data scientists, IT specialists and ETL experts for its Torino, Italy base.

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