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Evo Pricing on Wwworkers

Italy, June 9, 2017

E. Franzoso: “We move to Rome where yesterday 12 work trends were discussed through the stories of those who are already doing business: small and medium-sized Italian companies, artisans and digitalized farmers who thanks to new technologies are raising interest and revenue. It is the job community of network workers, Wwworkers, who we met on Thursday, 8th June for the third consecutive year in the Chamber of Deputies. The aim: to bring the Italian way to the future of work to the heart of the political agenda. Let’s listen to their voices in the report and in the interviews done by Emiliana Costa.”

E. Costa: “Digital tailors, technological mills and even a 2.0 tomato. It’s come back to Rome, at the Chamber of Deputies, Wwworkers Camp, the national network workers’ meeting, a day devoted to the analysis of new work trends and the story of people that today are already doing business. In the Queen’s Hall, experts and representatives of the world of politics are discussing how old trades scale interest and turnover thanks to the network. The new professionalism is divided into 12 trends from crowdfunding to industry 4.0, and even those who produces organic vegetables in digital greenhouses.”

G. Pontetti (Ferrari Farm): “Ferrari Farm produces hydroponic (soilless) cultivation in new generation greenhouses that are cleaner than a surgical room and fully computerized. In this way, we are cultivating the ideal tomato without nickel, without heavy metals and without pollution.”

S. Caccavari (Mulinum srl): “Mulinum srl is a project born on the internet where a farm is financed by hundreds of members via crowdfunding. The project was realized in San Floro in Calabria with the first natural stone mill which transforms grain into flour, and flour into bakery products because we have the mill, the tasting room, the ovens and laboratories.”

S. Maggi ( “Lanieri is an online e-commerce tailor-made clothing business. It’s not just e-commerce but it’s an omnichannel system: we’ve brought Italian tailoring online through our ateliers that are located in Italy and abroad. Through this e-commerce platform, we allow the end customer to order a product, a suit, a tailored shirt by inserting their own measurements, choosing all the various customizations as if you were at the tailor store.”

Among the stories of excellence there is that of Maria Fidanza, who after the earthquake in the city of Aquila, relaunched the family furnishing shops thanks to e-commerce.

M. Fidanza (L’Aquila Design): “10 days later, with my brothers, we created “L’Aquila design”, which was initially created as a disassembly of furniture, storage and replacement at a later stage, precisely because of the contingency necessity that was in the city to empty the houses. Then, as I said, coming from four generations of decorators, over the years we decided to try and open again the first sales point in the center of Aquila.”

M.Fabbri (Tryeco 2.0): “Tryeco 2.0 deals with technology transfer in the field of cultural goods. In practice, we are tackling those that are named new technologies such as 3D printing, laser scanning and the virtual reality, we try to implement the museum experience. One of the most interesting examples we have made is the copy of the ceiling of Bell temple in Palmyra.”

At Wwworkers Camp we also talked about Big Data.

F. Fantini (Evo Pricing): “In fact, data itself is not significant and transforming it into value is a real business. What we do: we make data a real gold mine by extracting information and analyzing it in order to help companies do better pricing and promotions.”

At the end of the day, the Best Wwworkers 2017 award went to Giorgia Pontetti and his tomato 2.0.

The future has already arrived.

Transcript: English / Italiano

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