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#RestartItalia: stories of small businesses reacting to the Coronavirus

Turin, May 4th, 2020
by Redazione Millionaire

During this Coronavirus period, most small businesses survive and react to the crisis and lockdown situations in various ways. Some of them are active with innovative solutions, some remodel their business by exploiting digital solutions, some continue to sell, albeit online through e-commerce. As a result, many small and medium enterprises connect with each other thanks to the Internet. In order to tell their stories, the community has launched #RestartItalia. The format features a series of live web broadcasts, every Monday at 7pm, on their Facebook page wwworkers – Italian Internet workers.

And that’s not all. Until May 6, entrepreneurs can participate in a research on global microbrands (companies linked to the country that are promoted everywhere thanks to the Internet) during the Coronavirus crisis. How are they reacting? How are they redesigning their work? And where will they start from? To participate, just fill in the following questionnaire. The #RestartItalia format is realized with the support of Pmi innovativa tree, in collaboration with AGIA and GammaDonna.

The following speakers will take part in the live Facebook broadcast on Monday, May 4th: Matteo Zallio, Italian researcher at Stanford who created the open source tool Handy, Rome-based Jacopo Gambuti from Daje Shop, Milan-based Antonella Pesenti from Fridabike, Turin-based Fabrizio Fantini from Evo Pricing, Brescia-based Cristian Fracassi, the Isinnova engineer who transformed snorkeling masks into respirators. And then Edoardo Trotta from Naples (Palazzo Petrucci), Marina D’ambra (Divine Cosmetics) from Ischia and Barbara Fronterrè (Liccamuciula) from Marzamemi.

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