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FEBRUARY 10, 2017

Journalist: “It’s Friday, 7:30 AM on February 10th, we meet for the last episode this week of “Buongiorno Regione”. And even today, 30 minutes with the regional information, weather and traffic updates, our news and then the deepening. Today we will talk about Big Data, what is that? It is the amount of information that each of us produces, and it can be very useful when used in a scientific way, to solve problems, but also to create wealth. The University of Turin features a degree program on the topic, it is one of the first established in Italy. We will see more on this in the course of our show.

… After football, our follow-up as we have anticipated at the beginning of this episode, we deal with Big Data that is all the information that we produce that, when used in a scientific way can be very useful to solve problems, and also to create wealth. In Turin, here in Piedmont, a degree program has been created, which is one of the first programs of its kind at national level, and Matteo Spicuglia talks all about it. Let’s see.

Laura Sacerdote (Data Science Coordinator): “New technologies allow us to accumulate doses of incredible information. The problem is to extract from that information the relevant pieces that support decisions, for subsequent politics.”

Billions of smartphones and computers, billions of interactions, everyday gestures: the whole route, the trail of information that each person distributes along the way, creates Big Data. It is this incredible mass of data, as reality is progressing so does the wealth of information to study. In Turin, we teach that on a Master’s degree program in Data Science, an excellence in Italy.

Laura Sacerdote (Data Science Coordinator): “We have a guy from an American university that has chosen to come to us (American that is from the United States, from a great university for his bachelor’s degree) because we have this kind of degree to offer him.”

First graduates will be in July, as Elena. What is the profile of an analyst?

Elena Pesce (undergrad): “A very curious person with a strong mathematical preparation which is very important and at the same time strong computer training course to analyze the data because it takes an IT background.”

Data covers all areas of life: shopping, posts on social networks, travel, communication, relationship with the public administration. They can say everything and nothing: the experts make a difference.

Laura Sacerdote (Data Science Coordinator): “Think about healthcare, how many things from an epidemiological point of view: information about the risks of not having vaccinations, or having them, we get to compare the data we have to make smart decisions. You know how many children get sick, you know what are the outbreaks that can create it; you get deep enough information too, in the sense that we know in which school he was, in which neighborhood he lived, etc. this information exists. It’s a matter of putting together all of it.”

Public utility aside, there are also commercial implications: according to an analysis of the Study Centre of the European Parliament companies who use Big Data can increase productivity by 5-10%, more revenue and more jobs. In Italy, only 7% of businesses do it. A concrete example is in the clothing field, a startup now arrived in Turin: the model starts from the salespeople reports.

Fabrizio Fantini (Evo Pricing founder and CEO): “According to the analysis of demand in the stores we understand what items are popular and less popular, up to 8 weeks in advance of the actual customer demand. We use the science of pricing and promotion as well as the intuition of the stores managers to decide in advance how to allocate stock and much more.”

The potential is immense. Data is processed by IT specialists, analysts and business experts: new figures, new opportunities.

Fabrizio Fantini (Evo Pricing CEO): “I believe that it’s one of the few sectors in which there is more demand than supply and there are very smart students here. I haven’t heard of any students, even among those we have applied to work with us and didn’t find an opportunity, that haven’t found a place in the working market.”

Journalist: “That’s really a good opportunity! From big data, the headlines of our newspapers, it is time of the press release.”

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