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The algorithm that knows when you’ll buy something

Turin, November 9, 2018

by Francesco Garello

F. Fantini (Evo CEO): “A startup certainly needs to be young inside and have a lot of knowledge in a certain industry, but the statistical facts show that there is no better age than the years from 18 to 60.

We have offices in Italy, and an office in London and people who work with us from different parts of Europe and places around the world. So, undoubtedly it is more difficult to keep everyone aligned and communicating.

The great advantages are having access to talents and specializations that aren’t available in each single place.

Up until now, we have only had customers financing us, in other words, we believe that having a lot of money at the beginning is very helpful, but it’s also a huge curse because it allows you to develop what you want. Instead being restricted to sell from day one forces us to do something that someone else wants.”

Transcript: English / Italiano

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