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Miroglio Fashion


From RFID technology, to software that integrates online and offline channels, up to “borsino” that combines artificial intelligence and personal experience regarding the assortment of stock: technology is creating connections between product, data and people.

Alba, March 21, 2017
Miroglio Fashion

Miroglio Fashion, Ladieswear company of the Miroglio Group, which creates and distributes 11 brands including Motivi, Oltre, Elena Mirò and Fiorella Rubino and with more than 1,100 flagship stores, launches a series of technologically advanced projects to improve efficiency and performance in retail. In summary:

Smart boxes
Developed in partnership with Oracle, the XStore Project is a new software for the store. It involves the replacement of the software throughout its entire international network. Every one of its 1,100 stores (including directly-operated stores and partners) will have the new software installed, facilitating the activation of new ways of integration between physical stores and the online channel.
The roll-out of this project, which started in January 2017, is planned between the fourth quarter of 2017 and first half of 2018 and will cover the network of all the group’s brands.
The investment is about 1.6 million Euro.

RFID in the chain of Fiorella Rubino shops
This project provides for the introduction of a product-tracking system in respect of each item through a labelling system utilizing RFID chips. This system, that allows the identification of each piece via remote reading, can streamline the in-store inventory control steps getting accurate inventory, with benefits across the supply chain and multi-channel processes and a positive impact on sales.
This project, developed in partnership with Temera, includes all 170 stores owned by the Fiorella Rubino chain and covers all products sold, clothing and accessories. A project that stands out, at Italian and European level, for the large number of shops involved, for the goal of having a fully “tagged shop” and for the magnitude of the revised processes, that start from the central warehouse to the sales and management of returned items, even encompassing anti-shoplifting measures. The investment is about 1.5 million Euro.

The “borsino”
Developed in partnership with Evo Pricing and the University of Turin, this project concerns a new integrated process of replenishment of the central warehouse and of stores handling: a sort of “borsino”, which combines quantitative data and sensitivity of the sales staff, exploiting their predictive ability. This process is in fact based both on objective measurement of the potential sales of each item in each store and the personal assessments of individual store managers, who may require or assign items according to their sales expectations. This new process, innovative both for the high degree of integration and automation and for the flexibility given by the many manageable parameters, is in production in Fiorella Rubino networks and Elena Mirò from September 2016. The entire season FW 2016 was handled with the new procedures and a model for evaluating the results obtained has been developed.
“The innovation is an increasingly important component in the new Miroglio Fashion,” said Hans Hoegstedt, new CEO of Miroglio Fashion. “With these innovative projects we want to bring”4.0 “solutions, such as those discussed in the industrial sector and also in retail, by using technology and digital resources to offer our customers a richer and more complete shopping experience and to improve the efficiency of our stores. Gradually, with the Retail 4.0 program, we give life to our vision of the future in the retail market: the technology will enhance the full potential of our people and the knowledge of the needs and expectations of women who choose our brand. The Miroglio Retail 4.0 project is part of the new plan “300 in 300″, which provides for an investment of 15 million Euros to renovate the image of 300 stores of Miroglio Fashion in 300 days, with a view of greater distinctiveness and customization of brands.”
Francesco Cavarero, Chief Information Officer of the Miroglio Group, added: “The biggest challenge today at the corporate level is to choose the most appropriate solutions, in a context of great opportunities which are extremely dynamic and fragmented by the technological supply side market”.
The Miroglio Group is an Italian company that has operated since 1947 in the textile and fashion industries. It has a presence in 34 countries with 4 production sites.
Miroglio Fashion, the women’s clothing company of the Miroglio Group, creates and distributes 11 brands, distributed internationally.
Miroglio Textile is a leader in printed fabrics, in transfer paper and technical films for decoration of various types of materials.
In 2015, consolidated revenues of Miroglio Group amounted to 645 million euro.

Attached Note
Project “300 in 300”

Information about 2017 plan
The “300 in 300” project involves 8 brands of Miroglio Fashion: Motivi, Oltre, Elena Mirò, Fiorella Rubino, Caractère, Diana Gallesi, Luisa Viola, Per te by Krizia.
The investment is 15 million Euros.
The plan provides for the refurbishment of 300 stores in 300 days, and mostly affects regions such as Lombardy (70 stores), Piedmont (31 shops), Emilia Romagna (23 stores), Puglia (18 shops), Calabria (17 shops), Sicily (15 stores), as well as some French, Spanish and Russian locations.
“This extraordinary plan of investment developed to enhance our network stores is part of a broader strategy for revitalizing Miroglio Fashion,” commented Hans Hoegstedt, the new Miroglio Fashion CEO. “In a very dynamic market that is increasingly moving towards standardization, such as fashion, it is essential to know how to be closer, both online and offline, to the customers wishes, and be able to offer them an experience in stores increasingly distinctive and personalized, unique for each brand. We think this is the winning recipe for a historic company of Italian fashion such as Miroglio, to continue to operate in the Italian and international market.”

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