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La Voce

The “sanmaurese” which predicts the future

The young Stefano Scotta is a “big data” expert: his task is to anticipate the market direction

FEBRUARY 7, 2017

Luca Schilirò, “La Voce” (Italy)

The “sanmaurese” is a future predictor. He is not a holy man nor a fortuneteller.

He doesn’t practice different bewitchments, doesn’t spend his evenings by creating magic potions with lizard tails, hearts toad, dragon nails.

Quite the opposite. He contrasts magic with mathematics, and instead of spells he uses rationality.

He doesn’t use a crystal ball: just – so to speak – he predicts what will happen to the market basing his analysis on statistical calculations.

To do that, it uses so-called “Big Data”, the immense amount of data that is collected, for example, during customer transactions.

We are talking about the young Stefano Scotta (1992) born and raised in San Mauro Torinese. Stefano got his scientific diploma form “Piero Gobetti” high school in Turin, then in university he chose to devote himself to mathematics. A definitely tricky discipline, and it sure was not easy, however, it proved to be right: Stefano became passionate of the mathematics world, which may seem very abstract and far away from real world.

During his studies, he practiced the field of probability theory and the one, closely linked, of statistics. Then, when he got his master’s degree with 110/110 cum laude, he started looking for a job that would allow to apply theory to practical problems.

Almost by chance, he listened to a presentation given by Evo Pricing near his university and decided to apply. Evo Pricing specializes in data analysis and predictions of future market movements for various clients: in order to do it in the best way, it must necessarily enter the Big Data world. That’s why the company mainly seeks people which are highly motivated and able to “handle” the data with appropriate instruments that inevitably are mathematical-statistical.

During his first months of employment, Stefano learnt a lot about the most advanced tools that gave him a sense of the enormity of data which we are in possession of in the present world. Through this work, he discovered how big was the potential of the tools he acquired during his university studies, which made him decide to pursue a PhD program which will start next year to further deepening his vocational training.

In his spare time, Stefano is a great lover of travels, a passion that he tries to satisfy by travelling as soon as he has the time off.

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