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Seven start-ups, from smart tomatoes to multimedia sofas

Italy, June 19, 2017
La Stampa

Working on the Net is possible. Many are doing it. They call them
Here is a selection of startups presented recently to the House of Representatives in Rome.

Giorgia Pontetti, an electronics and aerospace engineer, started an agritourism farm on Lake Salto (Rieti): researching, producing and selling genuine organic agricultural products, thanks to three high-tech hydroponic greenhouses, all computerized.
Thus, the intelligent tomato was born, connected in the greenhouse in an ideal microclimate (

At the tender age of 19, Maria Fidanza had to deal with the 2009 earthquake that destroyed L’Aquila and three family home furniture stores that had been active for four generations. But she did not give up: with her sister and two brothers she decided to focus on e-commerce.

With eBay, the growth was instantaneous and today the store also sells in Europe, Asia, Australia and Singapore, where Italian design is appreciated (
After six months in northern Europe, four young biology graduates from the University of Bari returned to their land to create a totally green-hearted business. BioInnoTech enhances agro-food waste through innovative biotechnology processes, creating new products for food or cosmetics (

Forty-year-old “brianzolo” businessman Filippo Berto reinvented his family business, rethinking artisan work and transforming the furniture store into a multimedia communication lab. Today his sofas are seen via online video at every stage. These custom-made unique products are built together with people: it is the first Italian project of “crowdcrafting”, an example of craftsmanship and solidarity (

Here they lost their home but they didn’t lose the desire to stay busy. After the October 2016 earthquake, hundreds of merchants from Marche decided to join forces and create a network. So, based on the idea of Dajemarche native Paolo Isabettini, a thirty-year-old architect, a made in Marche e-commerce business was born. In a month and a half, the platform generated 250,000 euros, with 2,000 online orders and over 10,000 packed boxes.

The team consists of graphic designers, photographers, programmers (

Four years ago, 38-year-old Fabrizio Fantini, born in Jesi, had a spark of inspiration. By combining data, a “brain team” can predict future sales of one or more stores, with a savings on inventory costs and much more targeted sales. This is the idea of Evo Pricing, an Anglo-Italian startup of predictive analytics based in Turin and London.

The start-up is looking for data scientists from university courses (

Finally, the revolution for mobile payments comes from an Italian startup. Three businessmen under 35 from Piemonte have created Satispay, an alternative network of credit or debit cards. Thanks to this system, you can pay for a coffee with your smartphone. A dream come true for nearly 250,000 users and over 16,000 exhibitors. Great numbers for Italy still anchored to using cash for small payments (

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