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Interview with Elena Marocco (Evo) on Rainews24

Turin, May 27, 2020

by Carlotta Macerollo

Carlotta: “Good morning, Roberto! We are inside the incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin called I3P to tell you how, like you said, technology and the ability to read data in this historical moment is even more important. We talk about it with Elena Marocco who is a scientist at Evo Pricing, this company that began as a start-up in 2013 is now a full-fledged company. What do you do as a data scientist and why has your work been important over these two months of the pandemic. You have offered it for free to companies.”

Elena: “Yes, Evo is a company that analyzes sales and market data through artificial intelligence algorithms to support companies, especially in these difficult times, in making the right decisions, in adapting quickly to changes in the reality in which they operate.”

Carlotta: “You studied math. What problems have you encountered during these two months in companies and what advice have you given to solve them?”

Elena: “Well, let’s say that companies have experienced a bit of a change of direction, especially with regards to sales, since the latter is now predominantly online, as well as e-commerce, therefore, we have supported companies in defining new strategies to adapt to these changes.”

Carlotta: “What about big data, you have a lot, you collect a lot of data?”

Elena: “Yes, they are the origin from which our algorithms start to provide forecasts and then proceed to make suggestions. They are precisely the heart from which we start. Using data as a base, we try to find out what the data can tell us, interpret it and understand how to transform this data into suggestions to support companies’ decisions.”

Carlotta: “You immediately switched to smart working and have also hired people during this period.”

Elena: “That’s true. Let’s say smart working is not really new for our company because many of our employees were already smart-working before. We have all adapted quickly to this new way of working during this period.”

Carlotta: “What about the hiring?”

Elena: “Yeah, we’ve just hired new people.”

Carlotta: “Thank you Elena Marocco.”

Transcript: English / Italiano

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