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In the task force to reduce the risks of artificial intelligence, Evo Pricing chosen by Facebook

Turin, March 1, 2021

Evo Pricing, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence with offices in London and Turin, has been chosen by Facebook for the Open Loop program.

Incubated at the Polytechnic of Turin, Evo Pricing is among the 10 companies chosen by the social network of Mark Zuckerberg to lead the European task force in charge of defining a governance aimed at reducing the risks of Artificial Intelligence. The only other Italian company present in the task force is RiAtlas, a start-up specialized in e-health.

The Open Loop program supports EU policy makers in finding practical solutions that minimize risks to the public and without putting European technology companies at a competitive disadvantage due to corporate governance. ‘AI too burdensome and, above all, not effective.

In detail, Evo Pricing has decided to offer its contribution by engaging more actively in the development of the regulations on Artificial Intelligence to find policies capable of protecting the privacy of individuals, while effectively using their data to better meet their needs.

Fabrizio Fantini, Founder and CEO of Evo Pricing, underlined: “The Open Loop program launched by Facebook has fostered a healthy debate within Evo Pricing on future AI governance issues that span a 3-5 year period, beyond our typical 12-month planning horizon. Governance is a fundamental issue for us at Evo Pricing since, every day, we collect and process data on over 1.3 billion people and on over 900 million products globally”.

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