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Evo University, the free university of Evo Pricing

20 courses available to everyone ranging from business science, artificial intelligence, the new frontiers of technology.

Turin, 7th November 2020

by Cristina Maccarrone

A completely free university, free and implemented by the employees of a company. And of course, given the period, strictly online. It is called Evo University and it is the training project that Evo Pricing, a company that deals with data analysis based in Turin, but also in the United Kingdom, Russia, France and other parts of the world, was created to promote, especially at this delicate time, the circular economy of knowledge. With the firm belief that this is closely linked to the real economy.

Evo University, we can define it as a corporate academy was born from the vision of Fabrizio Fantini, CEO and founder of the company which provides 20 free courses already available online and many others are destined to be added, always in on-demand mode. But who are the students of this university? Potentially everyone, even if the topics of the courses, are strictly in English, are very specific and very related to the activity of Evo Pricing that deals with predictive analysis and not only that.

Business Science, artificial intelligence, supply-chain secrets and new frontiers of technology are just some of the topics of the courses, but the student-users can propose topics of their interest and therefore populate the Academy. And this, as Fantini tells us, is already happening: “Among the participants at the university we have data scientists, consultants and university students who ask us for new courses, such as the one on the integration of man and machine in the new world. We are happy about it because the human-machine alliance is our trademark”.

As for teachers, they are the professionals coming from the company: data scientists and consultants who are developing and exploiting mathematics, machine learning and data every day, to help companies earn more money, wasting less. This participation of the company staff is not by chance also because the university, in full view of corporate academy, represents a nice initiative not only to share knowledge in such a delicate time and make the company known, but also to stimulate internal collaboration activities addressed to the outside world.

The CEO explains: “We have involved everyone inside the company, no one excluded, for a whole week! Also people who work in HR and finance have written courses. The goal is to open our skills to the world and make us useful in a time of great difficulty”. On the platform, in addition to courses by request of those who attend the university, will be available also by other offices, from human resources to marketing and administration.

How the idea was born. “The idea was born in the summer, during my first post lockdown trip between London and Turin, the two Evo offices, from the desire to foster the circular economy of knowledge, in addition to the real economy at a time when training becomes a crucial asset”, adds Fantini who has an MBA at Harvard. “Every day we help large companies to make decisions, forecasting sales volumes, reducing inventory volumes and increasing business: a difficult task, especially in this liquid and unpredictable era. All this is possible thanks to predictive analysis based on artificial intelligence and the precious alliance between man and machine: with the University we want to make our knowledge available to everyone, share our approach, revealing some secrets that may be stimulating, why not, even to our competitors”.

Continuous and permanent learning. Returning to the students, each Evo University member will have the opportunity to automatically verify their knowledge and validate their understanding of the fundamental concepts of each course. And like every self-respecting course, there are final tests with multiple-choice questions, selected randomly: to pass the test you need to get a total of at least 90% of the answers correct. Once you have reached the threshold, you will receive the course badge which, like all the others, will be saved and recorded. And all this with a view to lifelong learning, monitoring progress and ensuring continuous learning.

“Evo Pricing is an open book and today offers its knowledge as a scientific and intellectual contribution to the service of those who want to put themselves at stake in this period deeply marked by the Coronavirus” concludes Robert Diamond, President Evo Pricing.

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