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Evo @RDS – “Made in Italy” with Gianluca Teodori

Turin, May 8th, 2020

Gianluca: “Italian studies raised to an international level. We are talking about Evo, a leading group in the field of so-called predictive analysis, data collection and consequent forecasts. We are in the world of data scientists, says CEO Fabrizio Fantini”.

Fabrizio: “Evo is in charge of helping companies manage the complexity of restarting. Therefore, we are the secret agent of companies and are at their service to help them – amongst other things, we are currently operating free of charge as our contribution to their restart – learn from the data of Italian consumers”.

Gianluca: “It’s a very complex matter today with the coronavirus crisis that affects business choices and markets between obvious difficulties and opportunities to be discovered in the various sectors”.

Fabrizio: “Online, where Italy is almost 10 years behind other countries, has accelerated dramatically. In fashion, luxury companies will adapt with more personalized service models, even more than before. Other sectors, such as large-scale retail, have temporarily benefited from the fact that people are spending more time at home, but they too will have to adapt to a rapidly changing reality”.

Gianluca: “Evo has 40 employees located between its offices in Turin, London and the rest of the world. Made in Italy returns Monday at 8.57 a. m. here on RDS.”

Transcript: English / Italiano

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