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Evo @Rainews24

Turin, February 10, 2021

Interview by Celia Guimaraes 

If the effects of artificial intelligence on people are still uncertain, technological growth, on the other hand, is going fast. Rules are needed and Facebook, for example, has just launched the Open Loop consortium that brings together policy makers and companies to work on applications. Six worldwide startups are called to participate and two are “made in Italy”, born in the university environment.

From Politecnico di Torino: “Hi, I’m Fabrizio from Evo Pricing, a company that uses artificial intelligence tools to help companies make better decisions every day regarding product prices rather than logistics and supply chain. The original idea was born from my PhD and from a computer development work initially done by my father and from a collaboration with the University of Turin on the one hand and with Harvard Business School on the other. Over the years it has been incubated at the Politecnico di Torino and today we are 43 people throughout Europe.”

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