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Artificial intelligence, Turin studies regulation

Turin, March 7, 2021

by Emanuele Franzoso

The most famous and widespread social network in the world has chosen a Turin-based company, incubated at the Politecnico, to regulate and limit the impact and possible risks of artificial intelligence (AI).

Let’s talk about Facebook and the Open Loop program in which 10 European startups were involved including Evo Pricing, a company specializing in predictive analysis with offices in London and Turin, the Italian capital of artificial intelligence. The goal is ambitious: to lead a European task force in charge of defining a governance to reduce the risks of AI. As in the face of any self-respecting innovation (it also happened for the transition from horse transport to wheel transport), public opinion appears divided on the impact of AI in society and many fear that development will not regulated represents too great a risk to take. The European Union for some time has been dealing with the issue and its legislation and social networks are obviously at the forefront.

Open Loop was born in this context with the aim of creating a new regulatory framework with forward-looking guidelines based on concrete facts, capable of effectively identify and manage AI risks while encouraging innovation. The program offers support to EU policy makers in finding practical solutions that minimize risks to the public while, at the same time, without putting European technology companies at a competitive disadvantage due to AI governance too burdensome and ultimately ineffective.

The first result achieved responds to the acronym Adia (Automated Decision Impact Assessment), designed in a very similar way to that on data protection impact assessments (Dpia) of GDPR and according to the first comments of works looks promising. “The experiences of our partners have shown how this type of approach to risk assessment can promote a more flexible, practicable and innovative method for assessing and managing AI risks than more prescriptive policy approaches,” said Norberto Andrade, Facebook AI Global Policy Lead for Digital and AI Ethics.

Returning to Turin, Evo Pricing has always been actively involved with universities citizens and, despite the complex period, continues to hire staff drawing both from universities and from the world. Four left in 2013, today there are almost fifty and these days the search for at least two figures is active: one in marketing, the other more technical. The dissemination and promotion of a culture of innovation has always been at the center of Evo Pricing’s activity which, in the end 2020, “opened” the first free and free university, built entirely by employees.

Business science, artificial intelligence, supply chain secrets and new frontiers of technology are some of the topics of the courses. The teachers are the same professionals of Evo – data scientists and consultants – who every day develop and exploit mathematics, machine learning and data to help companies make money more, wasting less.

The users are potentially everyone: anyone can connect and follow the courses, the university is available on demand, in English, for free, just register on the portal.

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